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Middle East living necessities & quot; press down seal ...

Palestine Middle East | International NGO Peace Boat Our house, which became a precious elegance is suddenly "pork" in the Middle East living. The reason is that eating "pork" in Islam because they are prohibited. Even a small portion supermarket selling by. "Pork" that only I better have eaten into the hand. (Also because some countries that pork is not sold in Japan) Purchase - bacon, ham, pork, etc. after a long time. Ham also bacon also because the amount is often What is useful for freezing in small packaging I had to tell your friends with a "press down seal" American expatriate experience of GLAD. That it is Japan may be apparent at Costco. You can keep a fairly fresh state because it is tightly sealed stuck like a subtle difference seal the wrap. While I and freezing do and not fit to use all one-time-use times by individual packaging and economical when bought Each also strips of bacon. Summary end put in a tray to promote cooling placed in a zip-lock ~. But this work quite troublesome. The time of Europe living say is a cinch if you that you were with your friends work to make the sliced ​​meat in diligently slicer monthly kilo of pork. ~ Do would not first do it when I get back to Japan (laughs)

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